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Why Kaushal Aajivika Is Different From Other Recruitment Companies?

February 10, 2021 at 10:04 AM

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Unemployment is the major cause of destruction in the Indian Economy.  Every one of us can see the GDP of the Country falling like never before and we don’t know why.  Did anyone ever realize that what is the main asset for our beloved country at this particular point in time? What is the reason for the continuous fall-down in our National Income? Why we are still lagging? What is the reason for all of these? The reason for all the above questions must be either resource (human resource) not being fully optimized or unemployment or inefficient working among the recruitment Companies. 

Do you know who is suffering the most due to these issues in our society? 

The Answer is Y-O-U-T-H. 

Youth is the greatest and most useful asset for our Country.  Almost 67% of India’s population is youth. Now you can imagine what India can become if the Youths are provided with the best resources that they needed or the best job opportunities which they seek. Youth can do wonders if used optimally.  

But, Alas, The situation is very different from what it ideally should be. So, to remove this hurdle of Un-Employability permanently from our society, the system- Kaushal Aajivika is developed.  

Kaushal Aajivika is an integrated component of Kaushal Ganga a web-based system covering the Automation of the training process with inbuilt LMS, SLA, Employment exchange, E-commerce & Financial Modeling with financial Inclusion. Kaushal Aajivika maps and bridges the gap of skilled employment in a transparent manner. It facilitates employers, applicants, and other stakeholders to create an employment opportunity based on the standard QP’s & NoS of the industry.  It is the only platform that provides the regulatory compliance of labor and other laws authenticated by Electronic Financial Transactions. Kaushal Aajivika offers jobs in almost 38 sectors and more than 12000 job roles. 

Following are the principle laid by Kaushal Aajivika- 

  • Education 
  • Vocational training 
  • Lifelong learning  
  • are central pillars of employability. 

Presently the estimated skill gap is growing on an average of 59 % and lacks infrastructure where skilled manpower is available. With 15 million youngsters entering the workforce each year, corporate India and research institutes seem to agree that 65-75% does not job-ready or are unemployable. Kaushal Aajivika is committed to erase this skilled unemployed gap by creating tools and utility applications. 

The system is made in such a way that the Job seekers can search for job-related to his/her domain within a few minutes. Filters such as- 

  • Job by Sector 
  • Job by Job-roles 
  • Job by Location 

are available for timely search and remove the long process of finding the most appropriate job. 

Finding jobs is the secondary step, Firstly, Candidates or Job seekers can start their search with resume writing. Moreover, one of the features of Kaushal Aajivika is helping job-seekers in perfect resume writing so that there is no scope left for failure in his/her attempt to finding the dream job. 

Like the Job-seeker, Employers are also provided with the best class services. Employers have full confidence to post their jobs on Kaushal Aajivika and most importantly, they can also browse all the candidates in one place. They can also search the candidates by Sector and by Job- roles just like the candidates. 

Above all, after posting the job and searching the candidates, the Employer can download the resumes of the candidates and can access them later whenever they want in the resume database. Besides, they can also schedule an offline or online interview. In the case of the online interview, the Employer can generate the interview link and conduct a face to face interview at the same portal. Similarly, they can also conduct a telephonic offline interview. 

At last, after selecting the desired candidate, the Employer can send the offer letter directly to them via the same platform. 

In conclusion, Kaushal Aajivika’s objective is to remove all the recruitment related hurdles that come in the way of successful employment.  

The system is itself integrated to provide the users with the best-ever recruitment experience and above all- Everything on a single platform!