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How Is Skill Development Helping The Youth Of India?

February 15, 2021 at 08:06 AM

What is Skill Development & helping the youth of India

Skill Development is the development of a particular skill with professional knowledge. Moreover, it is a type of in-depth training provided by some Professionals in a decided tenure to upskill their knowledge. 

"We often boast about India's demographic dividend. But the question that arises is what we do with this if we cannot skill them if we cannot educate them and cannot enhance their employability."- Pranab Mukherjee (Former President). 

Why Skill Development is important? 

Skill Development is very important to kick starts your career. It gives career a different direction in order to earn a livelihood. Skill Development helps in having a thorough knowledge of one’s domain. It helps one to be efficient and effective in his work. Nowadays, Employers are more likely to employ a super-skilled employee against a semi-skilled or non-skilled one.  

Development of skills is at peak nowadays. Organizations are more focused on hiring skilled employees or train them to attain good skills beforehand. Skill Development helps in completing a task at the right time with a higher rate of success & increasing the productiveness and quality of work. 

Why Skill Development is important for India

According to the latest survey, There are 1.38 crore people in India between the age of 18 to 35. While only 60% come under the working age. Only 20% of them are employed with good jobs. And only 25% of the Indian workforce has undergone a professional development training program. Therefore, India requires a greater number of skilled workforces. 

According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the GDP level can increase up to 3%-5% in 2035, if India focuses on skill development and training. 

How is Skill Training helping the youth of India? 

Reduce Unemployment

Skill Development enhances the skills of Individuals. It increases their chances of getting employed in a good organization. A trained person can get employment easily than non-skilled labour, as a result slowly and steadily reducing the unemployment issue from the Country. 


professional development helps in the overall growth of an individual, an organization and the Country as a whole. 

Advance learning techniques

It helps in learning with the help of advance techniques and tools. It provides an Individual with practical exposure related to its Industry and field. 

Broadening opportunities

It broadens the opportunities for everyone whether in the case of Industrial Employment or Self Employment. It also provides greater job security.  

Identifying and overcoming the skill gap

Skill Development helps us identifying the gap between where we are and where we want to be. The gap between existing skills of Employees and those skills required by your organization to reach its current and future goals.  

Reduce poverty

professional development helps in reducing unemployment. It helps increasing incomes and to improve the standard of living therefore reducing poverty in the Country. 

Enhancing productivity and quality

Ongoing employee training helps cultivate talent from within your business. By retraining employees on current skills, you can increase productivity by preventing small, basic mistakes. 

Turn out to be experienced professionals

Skill development helps in the evolution of employees from under skilled to super skilled. It makes them work as an experienced professional. 

In conclusion, Skill development is the most important part of many successful career journeys. Skill makes a person flexible, reliable, productive and efficient in the job prospectus and similarly widens the career opportunities.